Amazing and eye-opening. More comments to come, but I have witnessed several ill-informed individuals mock VAERS reporting (the government's own reporting system!) by declaring "Anyone can file a false report so it's meaningless!"

First, knowingly filing a false VAERS report is a violation of Federal law (18 U.S. Code § 1001) punishable by fine and imprisonment or both. Similar to illegally voting or voting twice.

Next, the information required by VAERS includes the date the vaccination was given, the route used, the vaccine manufacturer and lot number of the vaccine, the name, and title of the individual who administers the vaccine, the VIS publication date, and the date the VIS was given to the patient or legal representative.

Saying that "anyone can file a report" (clearly, not you, but I have read this repeatedly) as a way to ignore the disastrous Covid vaccination adverse reports, shows an astonishing level of ignorance and mass hypnosis, bordering on psychosis.

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This was a very thoughtful and thought-provoking essay. I am in a space right now where I am not sure humanity as a species is going to make it, and I am not sure if that is such a bad thing as it seems that most people are traumatized, diseased, and suffering. I am not a nihilist. I believe in a higher power and having morals and values that you live no matter what. A book that I highly recommend is: The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo. I struggle because I know we are capable of both: great good and great evil, and unfortunately, it appears as if the evil is winning out right now. I don't know how this story ends...

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Great post. 👍🏽💕 I think a lot of people are feeling what you describe so well in your second and third paragraphs. Very abnormal things happened, are still happening, and it's still in the air. I understand we have a combined flu covid shot coming out this winter in the US, without safety or efficacy studies done in advance (thanks to the future framework type decision). 😐

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I’m pretty sure that Christians believe in a kind of death-bed conversion experience, so from their perspective the answer is yes.

Anyways, I’ll start with my conclusion, because it has been on my mind recently before reading your article today: How come our collective distrust of authority hasn’t steadily grown, generation by generation, over the past several thousand years of Intensive Agricultural Civilization?

Because you’d think it would! 😂

Anyways, you were lucky to have such teenage friendships. Mine were not wholesome idealists. I ran with the sex, drugs, & rock ‘n’ roll crowd.

But you know what? They’ve turned out to be equally disappointingly conformist: not liberal at all, as it has turned out, but libertine, whose etymology, I assume, are the same but the similarities in the kind of “you do you” that you’re talking about, Sarabeth, are only superficial, as RonaMania revealed. It’s IKEA vs. hard wood.

Sure, I still can’t answer why I’m in the 30% that Matias-the-Belgian-what’s-his-name-I-forget are immune to Mass Formation Psychosis.

Why me? How come I didn’t ally myself with the totalitarian Rona Regime like all my so called Liberal-yet-merely-libertine friends & family?

Beats me, but I can tell you which modality was the Path to Disbelief for me. It was the science modality, as I used be employed in the world of medical research.

Nothing about RonaMania made sense, based on science.

Well, most university graduates are still scientifically illiterate & ‘functionally innumerate’ - which means easily fooled by statistics as well as having a hard time with graphical data, big numbers, change over time, & etc..

But what about the rest of Matias’s 30% like me & you? It wasn’t through science that they came to disbelieve (because not many people travel through Life in the Science Vehicle). Instead, it was one of the following modalities:



US Constitution,

plus the people who already were dedicated Antivaxxers.

That means that the ones who were duped by RonaMania, the 70%, lacked __all__ of these modalities for traveling through Life.

Wherever it is that they get their moral sense, it’s not via science, nor their own intuitive inner voice, nor a religious moral code, nor the 18th - 19th century cutting edge in Western liberal political humanism. Plus, they were already duped by “vaccines are safe & effective.”

As individuals, surely they have other redeeming qualities, but you know what? Jesus (& Martin Luther King too) wasn’t assassinated for preaching Love. You get assassinated when you’re anti-establishment; the gov’t is not threatened by love. MLK was assassinated for being socialist (not communist), not for preaching racially equality but for raising Class Consciousness.

--> The 70% have adolescent morality, at best: they do understand Jesus’s & MLK’s Messages of Love, but the socialist messages go right over their heads.

30% of us are adults.

Anyways, nice to see you back on the job 👍🙂❤️

So, back to my conclusion: How come we cannot be sure to Awaken even our own children? and pass that distrust down through time? For if we could, then generation after generation over the millennia of Intensive Agricultural Civilization surely nowadays we’d be less trusting in authority than in previous generations, previous millennia.

Right?!?! Something about this bugs me, but I can’t put my finger on it.

... Maybe the genuinely non-conformist make fewer babies than domesticated minds do??? But that’s not you & me, is it? 😂

Anyways, Thanks!


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